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“Yes, yes, I do,” Greta said, bouncing beside Nathalie.I began to have that sinking feeling I had come to the wrong house, I was in the wrong garden, talking to the wrong stranger and I had just been caught trespassing.“I really should be wearing heels,” she said to herself as she ran her hands over the underside of her breasts and then down the curve of her ass, “... really tall, fuck me, red stiletto heels.”“Something like that,” Dave chuckled.Her hips come to rest now and she releases more of her weight onto my lap.I did as fast as I could because I couldn’t take anymore of it.I softly said " You like bacon huh?" and his ears perked up I said "Bacon" again and he wagged his tail and wiggled like a puppy.I told you I'd spray your eyes.”After what seemed to be six or seven heavy squirts it slowed down to just some oozing.As a matter of fact I’ve never felt sexier.”Her breasts looked larger, filled out by her pregnancy.I let myself lose the first hand just to av