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“Really?” Natalie huffed, and got to her feet.I didn’t say anything and just lay still, content to simply let my wife rim me with her finger.The subtle musculature of her abdomen convulsed beneath her pale canvas, and her insides clenched around me and Tera in a vulgar, heated embrace.It wasn’t long before they were right below us having a real good look.I would like that pixie." I don't," I jumped in on the conversation."Yes baby, just like that, keep going!"“I don’t think they do.” Said Hermione, not recalling ever hearing that phrase before.Things that have been totally taboo in the past are a fair game tonight."God Ms. Collins, are you getting off on this?Davina, just sat and looked, a bit surprised.“You do like them young.” I told her.The guys took it very well with the knowledge of what consoling consolations were in store for them.To give her that wild rapture.Surprisingly, Amy left her top unbuttoned, giving her Daddy the delightful view of her bare titties th

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