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She continued this treatment as his cock grew longer and harder and she felt his pulse quicken.I made a mistake and I will make it up to you . . .Come to find out, Sam was seeing one of his Bi partners alone and they left each of us females, so they could live together.”I offered once we had locked our cars.Sandy remembered the fear of the potential humiliation; of crawling naked in the hall of her dorm, being led on a leash by her roommate.Suddenly she wanted him inside her with a fierce longing that contradicted all of her rational thoughts.Many of the women my investigators spoke with claim that you are quite the prize.I went to check the women with those thoughts again.We travel for a week.I had a huge smile on my face and I could feel my eyes were open insanely wide.We can hear the people in the other tent still fucking.“I um, look, I’m not, you know, like those girls…” She said, tilting her head briefly towards the dance floor.“At 11 at night?My phone was ringing; my

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