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“Look, Leveria,” Elena said sweetly, beckoning my eyes down, “you’re so pretty down here.”My head moved towards his cock while my ass moved towards his shoulders.This was a trap.“We are NOT taking a shower together with my dad home!“I'd love to fuck you,” purred Posie, a hungry look in her eyes as she rubbed herself.We both stare at each other and laugh.The humiliation of being forced to clean her rapist’s cock stoked the fire in her cunt even more.“I’ll give you a story no one will believe when you tell it.” I whispered on the head of his cock, my voice tremulous with pleasure, “But you won’t tell anyone anyway, because it would be a lie.When they were done we all laid on the sofa, exhausted, naked, and dripping with various fluids.“Yes, as a matter of fact, that is a good idea.Lisa found one that suited her perfectly.“Do it!” I howled.When I turned around she dropped everything and jumped on me, wrapping her legs around me and kissed me. I kissed her

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“You going to finish me?”She came over to me, gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.Sarah?“This place is better than I imagined,” she said.They have completed their task and the ice truck is now empty.I left the building and remained naked all night in my apartment, with my cock liberally coated with Vaseline.“So who are you finally going with, Harshita?I sat there for a second, slightly panicking about the situation.She hugged and kissed him and said “Wow” when his cock jumped and poked her.A question he didn’t actually expect to answer.They are looking for a man, but the guards will assume the sword belongs to one of the males even if you carry it.They got up hungry and horny.“Who are you up against?”No one messes with my Daddy!My knees were wide apart as my bum hit the seat.You will serve as a trainee slave with all the duties of a slave with the exception of sex . I will not use you sexually until you are at least seventeen and then I will have to be sure you