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“Aurora, you have fun.Be gentle.“You're going to lose your mind the first time I pause everything for you, Mom.”It was an easy task as we both had each other on our hooks.Now if I hadn't taken Kathleen so many times I would've mistaken the way Arisia's body was swaying as an attempt to avoid being raped.He walks back over, as smooth as he possibly can.She crawled up and over me, then centered it on the pussy.Ellie felt a gush of warmth from her vagina that nearly brought her to her knees.She appeared to be waiting again for him to speak.The night of the dance, she had sent me a picture around the time I was going to leave.Looking into the purplish twilight sky seeing the darkened silhouette of a crane cross the nighttime sky.It was like an explosion in my brain as his knot went in and I mewed like a wounded animal as I opened to accept him and give myself to him and his movements stopped as the first jet of hot cum splashed my insides coating my womb with his seed."It's okay, Jam

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