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I could feel my pussy flushing with desire, oozing with want, aching with emptiness.“You realize that I’m still a woman, not just your wife and a Marine,” she replies.As we mingled, everyone stared at my nipples.That shadowy face became clear.I had my hopes but remembered my own experience that first time, how I was both embarrassed and excited and the many other times that followed.Tina called me and broke up with me right there in the hospital parking lot over the phone,” I say to everyone.“Daddy!” she moaned as my cum spurted into her.In all, the group discussion went extremely well with nearly everybody contributing.“Well, both of you have an amazing pair of tits so I can see why you had so much fun.”"Come here bitch," he called out snapping his fingers watching amusingly as Annabelle painfully tried to get to her feet.I picked it up and heard Maura tell me, “Bob wants to see you before you leave, Matt.”It sounded like you two had a lot of fun last night."Stupid

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