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the dog followed me as I entered the living room to see my sister on the sofa straddling my son's lap and riding him.The first thing she pulled out was a blindfold.I had masturbated many times before, but when someone else did it to me, it was mind-blowing.The assassin grinned, the expression twisting the scar crossing his dusky-brown cheek, his dark eyes mocking me. He grabbed his chain with his left hand, swirling it in an arc. The weighted end hissed through the air as he advanced.Jeez, I gotta get the hell out of here.He looked up past Ashley's blonde head at Vanessa, who was staring at him with fire in her eyes, a corner of her lip caught in her teeth.Her spit still slick along his shaft.After more naked and unidentifiable girls came in and went to their workstation, one of the suited men came in and over to me.“Altitude sickness.Quite obviously this was all his fault.“Damn,” I panted as my orgasm peaked.“You're sure about this?” I asked.“Do I have a choice?” She rep

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