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The next morning, I could hear Matt was up in the kitchen, I was really nervous what to do.He’s confused and worried about her, but I calm him down and I end up talking to him hoping it would convince him to give into her.It was then I noticed the dog sitting quietly in the corner of the bedroom watching me. It was the same dog from my twelve-year-old dream."Oh," I said, feeling uneasy about being told such personal details all of a sudden, even though they were telling me openly it still felt like prying.My cock throbbed against Lisa’s ass.I was propelled twenty yards back, my jets sputtering in the bluster."The resort photographer said you were doin more then just fooling around."Giving her round bottom a good dozen more swats.“So little boy, I have to go and mingle with the men here.We shake hands and my group heads out to Fred and the waiting car.With that Drew was now in the same position Jessica just was, his arms around my legs and his tongue leaned forward lapping up my