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“Can we talk about something other than me being naked please?” I asked.As for the money…..Brie looked around the food court again to see if anyone else was on to what was going on, but everybody appeared to be oblivious.As if in response to her invective the engine caught and then roared.The vibrator hummed away inside of me. It was like nothing I'd ever imagine.She asked where it came from and again I decided to tell the truth since lies are so much harder to explain.I felt her hot flesh on mine."Yeah you've been a good girl for half a day, keep it up." he replied condescendingly, smiling sweetly at her.Vicky would call to check in every night and Logan and I would sit and wait on her call, when she did I would talk to her a little then Logan would get on the phone and talk to her mom and ask her what she was doing and how long was she gonna be gone, and then I would get back on the phone with her and we would talk about sex and what she was wearing and normally it would turn i