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“Jesus, what a thing to say right off.” I felt so stupid I could have died.Our lips connected into a rapacious kiss, our mouths devouring, our tongues wriggling to taste, to lick, to lather each other with our flavors until they were one.“Ugh!“Four women watching you suck my cock is magic.I had another shake with my lunch then took care of Carol, brief nap, another shake then Carol again before Dad got home.“Oh my God Kyle, look at these.I feel her lips on mine.I rubbed her thick pussy lips with my fingers, stroking her silky flesh as I sucked with all my might on her clit.If they need help getting the knot in you help them.“Stay away from me!”“That’s no way to talk about your mother.” Another chortled.Then she ran her tongue all over its length wiping it madly.“We don’t have time Salman.I vanished in his mouth, then his throat and after I passed his tonsils, it felt like I was fucking his lungs.We declared our loved for each other as I shot another round of spe

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She was afraid she overstepped her boundaries.It would be great to be a part of her stable and share her.I woke the next day with cum dribbling out of my ass as I went to take my morning piss and I felt a little tenderness at my hole but I didn't think anything of it and just thought it was because “I was maturing” or because I had been playing with myself.I heard him moving around, greeting the horses in with mumbling words that I almost couldn't understand.As she reached for her sweatpants, I saw large streams of cum sliding down both thighs.Suddenly that little slip of her towel in the bathroom before seemed much less of an innocent accident.I could hear the audience, with their approving compliments, as I came down and this young blonde woman left me.Desperately the man flailed as he tried to free himself from the mighty woman's grasp, clawing and kicking as she lifted him off the grass by his neck and glared intensely through the slats in his mask directly into his tear filled