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She stood close to me and put my fingers on the remaining button of her blouse.‘Why do you say that?’ ‘Because I suspect that he puts you down because he knows how attractive you are which makes him insecure and in turn you crave attention to make up for how he makes you feel’.And she said that I should be to her service!I think you’re beautiful and sexy and nice and smart.” I fidgeted a bit and adjusted my erection which caused her to smile as she looked at my face again . “Ok, then what’s wrong?”As my tongue worked its magic on her love tunnel, May grabbed the pillow in front of her and scrunched it up against her, her moans quickly becoming louder and more frantic.“Yes, darling, we do need to get to the hospital, but there’s no rush.She must have actually been mad because she didn’t seem to be aiming her swings and hit really fast all over my ass.Since, father had left us with a generous pension, with social security for mom, we got along fine.She bid Josh fa

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