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“I can stand a beating or two,” Brigit said boldly.This made Zane jump and laugh himself, he was very ticklish there.Maybe watch some Netflix or a video.I notice she has some wrinkles near her eyes, but her lips are deep red, so she must have put on some rouge for the occasion, even though she doesn’t normally use much makeup.I didn’t respond.“You are invited with one condition.”I told her I will cook us some dinner.I smiled and started giving commands.I leaned up and got on my knees, pulling Sara’s bum onto my knees and placing her feet on my shoulders and parted her legs.Sweet dreams to you too daddy, he said, and we both fell off to sleep.She was completely shaved except for a nice little landing strip that lead down to her amazing looking pussy.Her hair is also Brunette and long with bangs covering her forehead.She holds Troy’s shoulder tight as Troy keep pushing his meat, impaling her in such a tight hole.He's proven it to me more times than I care to count, and he

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