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I wondered if this was real and that I had actually fucked this young woman and release inside of her.After a moment I mentally shrugged.As those words rang through my ears, my cock quickly stiffened back up once again, ready for more.With her fingers or her clit-dick.Keep fucking me. Call me a freak.“That thing does look uncomfortable Tanya, it must be hurting you.” Dave said.There was no pretense of a plot, and the action was quick, almost a quick as all 3 drinks vanished.Allison came and sat on the other side of me. She asked, "David, how do you hold so much power over me. I don't understand it, not at all," she says looking into my eyes.“Slut!” he snarled.She blushed a little.I won the contest and then Master Jeremy won me in the auction.You were so good at that!”It had happened so fast, not even half a minute.Her hot, velvety flesh rippled about my cock.And supple!The maître d didn't bat an eye.Tires screeched loudly as every driver in the vicinity slammed on their brak

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