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“Els, uh, Zoey, I don’t think I have enough time to… take care of myself, but I’m wondering if I should take this medicine now or afterwards.”I slowed my breathing, drawing in deeper gulps of air.I just looked in the hole."We were great friends, and Ben was kind of a middle man. He was just… there . Being 16, he identified more with Jax, so they hung out more than he did with me and Katie.I got up and joined them and washed myself off.I wondered how long she had been there, since I did not hear her come in. Kat was sitting right where mom and I was doing our business.Ethan agreed with me (no pressure) that Lucy had proved to be a valuable asset to the company and that she should become a full time employee.She tried her best to swallow every drop but some still leaked out of the corner of her mouth and dripped down on to my pelvis."I know.""Alright, I don’t hate 'em stupid either."“Seemed like you didn’t have a problem here.” The man chuckled as he closed the door b