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So what are we going to do now?We have another fifteen minutes before we are on.They look into each other, feeling the truth of it, or a hint of it anyway, then laugh, a good and much needed laugh, a soul binding sound of honesty and joy.“Is there a time I should be home?”“Really?” Wendy asked.She climbed onto the couch between her sons and moved so she was above Tony.I turned it up several notches.I pictured Billy sitting on it, arms outstretched, Cali nuzzling between his thighs.He should be awake in a few hours.Wendy could feel an orgasm building as the full sensation intensified, her swollen pussy being fucked deep, the two black cocks willing her on as she climaxed.Then all will be ready for you to move against the last of them.But Kurt wanted me there.I wouldn’t mind.Finally taking matters into her own hands she kicked Sam's leg near the junction of his legs.I was on my stomach and had undone my bikini top and fallen asleep when I got a rude awaking.Maybe forgiveness ru