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That he would give me such wicked delight.I lay on top of her and marveled at her beautiful face with my cock still inside her.The pain is still intense, but a wave of pleasure surges through me. I can’t help but moan out.I thanked him for the information, yet it had me thinking.That did sound so hot.Now I’m principal and she does it.“That's what you get for being a naughty, stealing cunt!Later that morning, I put on my bikini which was my small thong panties and a top.My juices gushed out of me. They squirted into her mouth as the rapture rushed through my body.Perfect.I laughed out loud, “I’m not sure yet."I told you, Doc, she's still a cat at heart."Instead, I asked Terry when class was over.If this is as far as you go, it´sAmanda laughed, slapped me on the shoulder, and rolled off the bed.Trying to expel a load of cum that just wasn't there.She smiled at me, bright and innocent.I almost came.A loud, deep moan escaped Daisy's lips as knot after knot and inch after inch pe

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