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“But can we really blame a son for who his father was?”What did she really think about what I had told her?I lay still for a moment, savouring the feeling of the muscles gripping and massaging inside.“Back off Tammy, these two are mine and Alyson’s,” A familiar voice says behind me. I look back and see Cass looking as beautiful as ever in a sultry plaid mini skirt and a white button up blouse tied off showing her 8 pack.She walked over to her, what I guess was her boyfriend and twirl around as I had done.When we are together, there are no walls, we have no restrictions, we genuinely want to explore everything about each other, both sexually and day to day normalcy.It’s two-thirty now, so let’s go and prepare.”Her pussy ached; the liquid keeping her right on the edge.“If Zeta would take me, then Alpha Squadron would be missing the best Battle Scout in the entire first year.I opened my throat and moved my hands to his hips to pull him aggressively to me, to fuck my mout

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