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"For her it was!“I’m not.Having cleaned up, Ash fixed her clothes and her hair, washed her hands, and returned to the dining area.She cried out.She stepped in and saw his friend Tyson sitting on the bed."Shit!I didn't set this all up to be gentle, I set this up to remind my wife who owned her and how she is taken is no longer her choice or concern.You run your hand through her crack; it feels so soft.Without a hint of reluctance I pressed my lips to Lydia’s puckered little pooper.Why this?” I slid my hand up her body and across a breast.I KNOW THE TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS ARE THE "IN" THING, SO THE BOYS WILL BE VERY EXCITED TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU.As soon as the third finger entered her, a single “Ha!” escaped her lips, the first audible (or dare I say, loud) thing either of us said since we began.Ryan followed with,Looking closely at his markings, comparing the colors, taking note of his coats texture and other such qualities, etc. Then, as I’m leaned forward focused on Poochy

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