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She held me close and whispered encouragement into my ear “God Mitch, this feels so good!” I was dimly aware of the bed groaning in protest to the heated activity on the mattress.She could see them still in the mist, shapeless, colorless, invisible specters watching from the shadows.Once I head out, you can go back to sleep."I kept pushing further into his ass.It must be something in the air.We don’t talk now.“What did you just do to me?” I moan.I let Jill pick.Cindy looked down at the controllers and pushed the switch and turned them off.The next thing she noticed was that her entire body was stuff.I stood in front of her devouring every single inch of her body.He held himself deep in my mouth and then a big blast of cum hit the back of my throat.More like a monsoon check.He was shaking so much he could hardly walk.They are both homebodies, and preferred quiet evenings, than going out to some nightclub or bar.I need advice and you’re all I have.We clearly have the money t

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