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I took of my clothes and reached for her clean shaved pussy.Eva gave Harry a quick peck on the cheek before jumping onto the bus and disappearing into the sunset.It helped my self esteem being paired with him as I had been with the shop supervisor on my other road trips who made me more of a gofer or grunt.Stacey looked over at her semi-conscious friend, wondering if they would ever get out of this alive, as the two brutal men led them to a dilapidated-looking old house, three stories of peeling paint.This is wonderful."She reached up with both hands, and found it gave her some purchase to push her hips back in rhythm with his thrusts.I'm not sure what I sensed in her, but there was something lurking right below the surface of her words, of her expression, and of her touch.Fresh beers in our hands the conversation started again; the 2 men talking together and us 4 women talking about something completely different.My words trailed off.Now she began to lower her knees, I looked her face

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