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“I would like to try out for Student Council.”She cried out.It says much about the nature of unpacified males that there must be riches to be had from torture and sadism.I opened her Spiritual Menu and hit the Relationship Sub-Menu.For some reason it felt so much better than his finger.Chapter 4 - A Wet Ending“Well, at least you’re honest about it.He said Master Glenn if you are watching this then you have saved the people I was sent to look after; the old king has been dethroned and you have stepped into that roll.When they reach our lines little fights start to break out.They talked for a few minutes about sports, exams, his summer job, among other things.With my brain crackling and swirling I almost missed the distinctive sound of Nat’s door opening, maybe she needed to throw up in the bathroom?The woman looked around the counter at me and smiled.I was just along for the ride.The his tongue slowly started moving, as I reiterated, like a friend this time, "What are you do