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A round of gossip happened over breakfast.Lydia shook her head and smiled, “It’s fine.Since you had them hidden and they were of me in a bikini, I put two and two together.I thought... it was a party...“I mean no disrespect, but this is why you are the White One, White One.We both giggled and then kissed again passionately.With my mouth occupied by one nipple I let my fingers take care of the other.He was correct, if I had been a woman, I would have passed him by.Sue realized this was a test.They all knew she was going to do it with him, and after they finished dessert and opening all the presents, they all went up to their rooms almost on que.“Or what?” I asked.Page 64I know he thought about fucking you.” I continued uncontrollably.I didn't think I would have had as much fun as I am"Hell, it might even be fun to be that naughty.I understand.I know I said I would but...“I knew you would.” He said in soft voice.He reached for her inner thigh and moved upwards to her sex.

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