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As her cock knocks at my back door, I let myself slide down until her dick breaks in.I was a cheerleader.No trace of bruises and now she brandished a cloak around her, hiding her nakedness.Master I hope you do that more to me.” He smiled “You want me to do it again now?” She giggled “I would love it, but I don't have any more cum in me and need to ask for “Mercy” to rest and recover if you permit, Master.”He did not look too comfortable, hanging there with his legs spread and ass penetrated, whimpering quietly while writhing in vain in search of a more comfortable position.“I heard something last night,” he went on, “I think it might have been a mountain lion.I was ready to breed the eighteen-year-old virgin and put a “miracle” baby in her belly."Mordaf is going to be ecstatic!"She intended to wake up Alex, and make sure that he got dressed right away, so that he could join her and John on this unexpected trip back to Austin in the middle of the night.Couldn’