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Then she said she wanted to help.“I told you not to go through the door,” I sighed, crouching down, and gently pulling her upright, “but Good Mother knows you’ve always been so boneheaded.” I chuckled to myself as I picked a piece of skull off the ground, and frowned when I couldn’t find a perfect fit in the back of Lucilla’s head.I never thought of myself as gay…even before last night I didn’t. But now, I just don’t know.”But the darkness spilled off of me with every heartbeat.When the man slowly nodded Derrick sighed.Then I see her face and panic sets in. It is Karen!Well, that answered that conundrum.As soon as I seen the black mans cock I knew who's it was.I manage to secure both her wrists in one palm, and then briskly rope them together with Jake’s leather belt.Jordan stopped what she was doing and froze perfectly still.It looked like that stuck because she wore a collar proclaiming that her boyfriend owned her.If you want this, you have to ask for it.“H

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