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Isn’t that sweet of her?”I jerked awake, feeling or rather not feeling all that much in my extremities.Sat me down, pushed a catheter in my pee hole, a shower pipe in my pussy and blasted my innards with warm water, they washed me down and then the brute laid me down and made love to me.“That’s a good sign he’s horny,” she said.Somewhat startled and taken aback, when we were expecting a toy boy type hunk, Sam took control of the situation.I’m calling him now.” Stephanie replied, rigidly looking at the phone cradled in her hands like a rabbit caught in oncoming headlights.That was, of course, before sweet Cecilia got the axe for mispronouncing the name of Felicia Rodriguez, their (at the time) mutual overlord, on the phone with a ‘very important client.’ Gretchen remembered accepting that explanation for the gratuitous, borderline objectifying, threatening-a-harassment-lawsuit costuming expected of a worker bee on the thirty-third floor.I had to tell her how weird,

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